Two Pre-Conferences to Choose From

On Sunday, July 15, there are two pre-conferences you can add to your registration for an additional cost.

  • Home Health Summer Camp
  • Hospice Summer Camp

Each session will run from 9:00AM until 3:00PM and includes breakfast and lunch.

Home Health Summer Camp

Home health personnel new to the industry, as well as veterans in home health services, will benefit from a detailed understanding of the fundamental financial tools and operational strategies for developing and maintaining positive financial outcomes. This updated program is designed for beginner-to-intermediate level financial staff members who have some experience in home care financial management and who wish to expand their knowledge in the diverse world of home care finance.

This pre-conference is focused on:

  • Current Medicare reimbursement issues faced by home health agencies
  • Essential benchmark data needed to manage a home health agency
  • Integration of back office and clinical technologies
  • How to best use the Medicare cost report as a management resource tool
  • Achieving compliance with reporting responsibilities on organizational change and structure
  • Establishing billing oversight processes
  • Undertaking a feasibility analysis for instituting new programs, expanding service areas, and creating branch offices

Hospice Summer Camp

This program provides an updated and thorough overview of the financial aspects of hospice, including discussion of emerging national economic and policy changes which will impact hospice operations, regulatory issues and revenue enhancing strategies. It is structured for intermediate to advanced hospice executives. The Hospice Summer Camp is designed specifically for professionals seeking to sharpen the skills and knowledge needed to improve management hospice financial operations in this changing environment.

The session topics will include:

  • Financial accounting for all hospice services including bereavement, physician services, volunteers, therapies including music, massage, pet, liaisons or community representatives
  • New Hospice Cost Reporting – Lessons Learned
  • Compliance best practices
  • Hospice staff compensation, strategies for improved productivity and case capacity
  • Palliative Care Services and impact on Hospice Services
  • General Inpatient Services, owned or leasing arrangements, respite and residential services
  • Strategies for Revenue Enhancement including public education and marketing methodologies
  • Hospice cap calculation updates – how to monitor during the year
  • CMS Form 855A proper reporting