Dreamers, Geeks & Freaks that Rock at Sales

Before You Hire Us

About us:

We are dreamers with a vision that happened to be good at sales. A team of well-spoken and skilled business development professionals with sustainable experience in building successful B2B sales operations. We support clients in establishing an effective sales strategy, while actively promoting and directly selling their product or service. Whilst industry agnostic, we have a proven track record with Legal Firms, Management Consultancies, Software Companies, UX Agencies, Hardware & Software, Events, and Exhibitions.

Why We’re Different:

We like to stir things up. Take the best from what's old and what's new, with a pinch of creativity. We've successfully blended our unique personal approach, standard sales practices, and tech! How do we know we do it right? We are always asked to do more and stay! We involve ourselves in your business as if it is our own, because here at Cosmonauts your mission is our duty.